Alternator Repair in Lexington & Richmond, KY

The alternator is the part of your vehicle that helps to keep your battery and starting system charged. An issue with the alternator can show itself in a number of different ways, including dimming headlights and issues with other electrical components in your vehicle. As soon as you notice any electrical or battery issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Fleet Doc.

A problem with the alternator can prevent the battery from receiving the proper charge to run your vehicle continuously. At our Lexington and Richmond auto repair shops, our ASE certified master technicians can repair alternator problems on all makes and models of vehicles. Our experts will perform a free battery and charging system test to determine if the issue is the battery, charging system, or the alternator, and figure out the best solution to get your vehicle back to its best.

Signs of an alternator problem include:

  • Battery warning light turns on
  • Burning smell coming from under the hood
  • Dashboard lights are dimmer than usual
  • Headlights dimming in and out
  • Radio, power locks, or power windows not working

A faulty alternator can cause your battery to die unexpectedly or run poorly. The job of the alternator is to constantly recycle energy in your vehicle while driving to charge the battery and other electrical components. A simple test at either our Lexington alternator repair shop or our Richmond repair shop can determine the exact cause of the issue and help us repair your vehicle so you can get back on the road quickly.

For the best alternator repair in Lexington and Richmond, KY, bring your vehicle into Fleet Doc today.

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