Fuel System Repair in Lexington & Richmond, KY

The fuel system in your vehicle is responsible for storing and supplying fuel to the engine. A fuel system issue is one that needs to be repaired quickly in order to avoid further engine repairs. At Fleet Doc in Lexington and Richmond, KY, our ASE certified master technicians are experienced working with fuel systems on all makes and models of vehicles. A fuel system problem can stem from a number of components, including the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel tank, and more.

Regular fuel system inspections and service is a great way to prevent fuel system problems from occurring. The better you maintain your vehicle, the more money you’ll save over time by avoiding major repairs. The way to maintaining your car’s fuel system is ensuring that there is always clean fuel and a clean fuel filter. Our experts typically recommend a fuel system fluid flush once a year, but this will depend on your vehicle’s needs and factory recommendations.

Any of the following symptoms can indicate a fuel system problem:

  • Check engine light is on
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Engine has difficulty starting
  • Engine smoke
  • Vehicle hesitates when accelerating

As soon as you notice any of the fuel system problems listed above, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into Fleet Doc. Our shop has the latest, factory-level equipment and technology to determine the exact cause of the issue. We also back our repairs with a 3 year or 34,000-mile warranty so you can trust in the quality of our work.

When your vehicle needs fuel system repair in Lexington or Richmond, stop by Fleet Doc or give us a call today.

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