This is one of Fleet Doc’s ways to give back to the community!


My favorite phrase is “Think Outside the Box” because good things seem to happen when this is done. Two things happened in the past few weeks that got my wheels turning by thinking outside the box. First, one of our valued customers, Stanley Steemer, decided to retire three of their oldest vans. Normally, the vans are crushed for insurance liability reasons, which shocked me because of how well Stanley Steemer maintains its vehicles. Next, I was invited three weeks ago to tour God's Pantry and see all the lives they touch on a daily basis. During the tour, all I could think about was how cool it would be if the retired vans could be transformed into useful vans for God's Pantry or other organizations in desperate need of transportation.
I called Stanley Steemer with a plan to convert these vans for organizations that can't afford them. Stanley Steemer liked the plan and released these three vans into Fleet Doc's possession. Two vans are going to God's Pantry and one is going to Faith Feeds KY Inc. This is huge and I can't thank Stanley Steemer enough for its generosity!
The plan includes several steps and Fleet Doc can't do it alone, so I've contacted several businesses looking for support and have been overwhelmed by the response.

1st, the vans have to be stripped of all decals, inside stripped of all equipment, floors repaired.
Fleet Doc will do this work and supply materials

2nd Fleet Doc will make all necessary mechanical repairs to bring van into top condition

KOI Auto Parts offered to supply all parts needed

3rd Tires will need to be replaced
Our tire suppliers offered to donate any tires needed

th Vans have to be painted a different color than Stanley Steemer's yellow
Dent Tech offered to paint these vans

5th Vans will need to be decaled with the organizations information and logos
Adcolor offered to supply and install any decals needed.

6th Gorilla Shine Car Wash offered to detail the vans when complete

We received the first van and I will post the progress, which could be slow since everyone is doing the work during slow periods. Keep checking our site to see how we are coming along!!

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